Vancouver writes!

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Vancouver writes!

Vancouver (and the surround area) is full of amazing, active vegans who want to change the world for the better. This makes me very happy. But what makes me even happier is that so many of them write blogs. Blogs are both inspirational to those of us who are involved in animal activism and an

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Across the internet: a selection from the past week

This past week is full of Thanksgiving-related posts and news, since Thursday was American Thanksgiving. Probably the most exciting Thanksgiving development was Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving. With Martha Stewart and Ellen both championing the end of factory farming and a move towards vegetarianism and veganism, there might just be hope for the future. Vegan Soapbox:

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Activist Tips: Blogging

If you are comfortable writing and already spend time sharing information with your friends using facebook or email, you may want to consider starting a blog. As is quite evident from my posts on this blog, you don’t have to be any good at writing to write blog posts. Here are some tips for getting

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Activist Tips: Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. Well, I guess I scan a whole lot of blogs. Some are animal rights blogs, some are industry blogs, some are food, local, friends, or other interesting blogs. (I personally have a range of interests, so my feed reader includes a bunch of non-profit and design blogs

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Blogging at Let Live!

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I’m doing a blogging session at Let Live Conference in Portland. A small but fun session. Check back later for more highlights from Let Live.