VeganMofo#12: BBT Cafe

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VeganMofo#12: BBT Cafe

BBT is a cute little Taiwanese cafe/restaurant hidden in the quiet neighborhood of Kerrisdale.  I frequent the cafe (especially in the summer) for their refreshing bubble tea with lemon grass jelly (see VeganMofo #6).   For years, this was all I would go to the cafe for since the menu contained only one very boring vegetarian

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Vegan MoFo#6: Bubble Tea

Yes, I’m Taiwanese and yes, I adore bubble tea.  what can I say? Bubble tea comes in all flavours and forms.  You can get the fresh fruit slush, fruit juice (not slushy) or black/green ice tea varieties.    Of course, I must warn you about the inferior bubble tea made from nasty powder.  Always ask before