Celebrate Mother’s Day…with tons of cute animal pictures!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day…with tons of cute animal pictures!

Check out our collection of cute Cow Ribbon e-cards to send to the mothers in your life! And a very, very happy Mother’s Day to all moms, whether they be… (It’s a cuteness blitz and I can’t stop!) (As with pigeons, both parents take care of their babies, so this might actually be the father.)

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Making Easter fun for vegan kids

…and vegan grown-ups, too! If you celebrate Easter, it’s very possible that you grew up with the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.  But now that you know that eggs (whether organic/free-range or conventional) are the product of tremendous cruelty, it’s a little trickier to indulge in that particular tradition. It’s strange to think that a

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Girl bitten at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Cove

On November 21st, an 8-year-old girl named Jillian Thomas was feeding dolphins in SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove when something went wrong.  The paper carton full of fish she’d been given to feed the animals was empty, so she turned away from the pool momentarily, her arm outstretched: “…when the dolphin saw that, it leaped at

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Frogs Are Too Cool for School

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Guest post by Lesley Fox, Creator of Frogs are Cool For some, it’s a right of passage, a curiosity or maybe a fascination. For others it’s an upsetting, cruel or even offensive reminder of our disregard for other species. Whatever the perception, dissecting animals is controversial. Fortunately, the BC Ministry of Education does not mandate that

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Spent Chickens in School Lunches

Remember how when you were in school, everyone made fun of how horrible the cafeteria food was?  At my school, at least, there was a rumour that our food was grade F, and that prisoners received grade D. Regardless of how true that is, there’s a reason that school food sucks. It’s this: “USA Today

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Reading from the past week

Here, in no particular order (except possibly accidentally chronological) is a highlight of some of the articles I’ve read around the internet this past week. There’s a lot about Eating Animals, which I imagine will be in the news (especially animal rights news) for some time yet to come (right now it’s #49 on Amazon.ca,

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We eat babies

Over time, as the length of time it takes to grow animals to slaughter size decreases, we are more and more eating babies. Pigs are about 6 months old when we eat them. But at the crazy end of the spectrum are chickens – who are eaten at 6 weeks old. I read this post

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Vegans and birth defects? Get real.

A study recently published in the journal Pediatrics concluded that B12 deficiencies are associated with increased risk for neural tube defects. The study was done on blood samples taken in Ireland more than twenty years ago from pregnant women who came from a region where birth defects were common. The women were chosen specifically because