Just one week to Mother’s Day! Do you have your Cow Ribbon?

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Just one week to Mother’s Day! Do you have your Cow Ribbon?

3 weeks ago the Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign was launched. Since then we’ve mailed out ribbons to people all over Canada and the United States and as far away as the UK, Singapore, and Australia. People everywhere want to speak out for dairy cows this Mother’s Day. And for good reason. Dairy cows lose

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The meat industry doesn’t care about you or the animals

The more I learn about the industries that exploit animals to be used for food, the more I realize that there is simply no concern for the animals or even for the humans who consume the meat of those animals. Erik Marcus linked me to an article Martha Rosenberg has just written about the drug

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Senseless violence on a dairy farm

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This Monday, someone stabbed 4 cows on a Comox Valley dairy farm. According to the Comox Valley Echo: A senseless stabbing attack on four dairy cows at a farm on Dove Creek Road has the Comox Valley RCMP appealing to the public for information. One of the four cows was so badly injured that she

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From an Ontario Federation of Agriculture press release: It’s something every livestock producer knows – if you have livestock on your farm, you are also going to have dead stock. Safe disposal of that dead stock is increasingly a problem in Ontario for farmers and society. … farmers are faced with paying a fee for

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One million calories.

This super interesting new interactive chart from Animal Visuals shows how many animals die for one million calories’ worth of chicken, eggs, beef, veggies, grains, etc.  You can sort it by total, by how many are slaughtered (intentionally, I assume?), and by the harvesting of fields, either to feed us or to feed animals. Isn’t

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Farm Sanctuary is the best place on earth

I’m in San Francisco for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (not paid for by Liberation BC), which is always nice. I came a few days early to see an old friend, and the conference started Sunday morning, so I ended up with a completely free Saturday. In an unusually compulsive act, I decided to rent a

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An (un)pleasant childhood memory

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When I was young I watched a cow get artificially inseminated. What I remember is that the vet came to our house and put on a shoulder length black rubber glove. He lubricated his arm and then stuck it all the way up the cow’s butt. For some reason I can’t remember clearly past that