Liberation BC at Justice Rocks 2010

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Liberation BC at Justice Rocks 2010

Liberation BC volunteers were out at Justice Rocks this past Sunday with information about dairy, veganism, and compassion for animals. Justice Rocks is a festival of music and activism organized by Pivot Legal Society with help from several other nonprofits. We had a tent with information, including our new Save the Cows game. The game

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Abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms, not an anomaly

I think by now everyone has seen or at least heard about the 4 minute undercover investigation video released by Mercy for Animals earlier this week. Workers at Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio engaged in sadistic abuse of the animals they are paid to care for. Calves having their heads stomped on, diary cows tied

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Just one week to Mother’s Day! Do you have your Cow Ribbon?

3 weeks ago the Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign was launched. Since then we’ve mailed out ribbons to people all over Canada and the United States and as far away as the UK, Singapore, and Australia. People everywhere want to speak out for dairy cows this Mother’s Day. And for good reason. Dairy cows lose

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The mothers of the dairy industry

Dairy cows give birth every year to a calf – their baby who is then taken from them. Most of the female calves are raised to enter the cycle of birth and milking. The rest, which includes all of the male calves, are sold for slaughter. Some of them don’t even make it that far

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Teats and Tweets

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I just read about a new project called “Teats and Tweets” where tweets are sent out “by” a cow as her RFID tags are read when she comes to be milked. The cows don’t actually write the tweets themselves, of course. The people who set up the project created a set of tweets, and the

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Senseless violence on a dairy farm

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This Monday, someone stabbed 4 cows on a Comox Valley dairy farm. According to the Comox Valley Echo: A senseless stabbing attack on four dairy cows at a farm on Dove Creek Road has the Comox Valley RCMP appealing to the public for information. One of the four cows was so badly injured that she

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The week in review

Eating Animals Many pieces appeared this past week about Eating Animals, the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer. There are some reviews and a few interviews. There was even a live Q and A with readers that appeared on the Washington Post website. The Huffington Post: My Q and A With Jonathan Safran Foer The

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What’s all the hype about calcium in dairy?

I was messing around with Wolphram|Alpha today doing some nutritional comparisons of different foods. Here’s the result of the query “calcium 1 cup milk vs 1 cup tofu“: This is pretty astonishing. I never see anything in the milk  ads or on dairy websites that would indicate that tofu has more calcium than milk. They

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Cruelty, supported by your tax dollars

From a press release [pdf] I received this morning: The Government of Canada is investing up to $9.6 million to help improve the long-term profitability of Eastern Canada’s largest culled cattle slaughter plant in Quebec. This is the first project announced under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Slaughter Improvement Program, part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

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A Trip to the PNE, Part Two: the Lies

In the first part of this blog post, I ended by mentioning that my co-volunteer, Joanne, had asked one of the attendants about the mother of the hundreds of baby chicks.  Well, what answer did she receive?  Not the truth, certainly: the attendant informed her that the mother chicken was “at the farm”. This isn’t