“Guilt-free” eating

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“Guilt-free” eating

I was just browsing through my rss feeds (which I do way too often) and I noticed one blogger had written about a recipe that was “guiltless” because it was made with only egg whites, not the yolks. I guess this means that it’s less fattening or has less cholesterol or something. But it got

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Oh right, it’s Easter!

I was sitting here wondering what to write about, and I realized that it’s Easter this Sunday. I was raised Christian and Easter was a big deal in our house. We would get up really early to go to the sunrise service (actually at sunrise). We also had easter baskets and painted easter eggs and

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“Cruelty-free” eggs – guest blog post at Granville Online

I have a new guest blog post over on the Granville Online blogs. It’s basically a look into whether it’s possible to really have “cruelty-free” eggs. I look at the issues of hens in battery cages, the hidden costs of organic and cage-free systems, and the cruelties of backyard hens. The truth is there are

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Are eggs and dairy worse than meat?

Imagine being raised for meat, fattened up, and slaughtered. Now imagine being raised for your breastmilk, or your eggs. In the case of milk, you are artificially inseminated and impregnated. After a period of months—nine, in the case of both cows and humans—you give birth to a baby. Within hours—or days, if you’re lucky—your baby