Birds in the Pacific Northwest eat the most plastic…so what can we do?

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Birds in the Pacific Northwest eat the most plastic…so what can we do?

A study published this summer found that seabirds studied off the coast of British Columbia and Washington have “among the highest” consumption of plastic in the world.  Researchers examined 67 Northern Fulmars who washed up dead on the shores of Vancouver Island and Long Beach, Washington.  Fulmars are a particularly apt subject for this type of

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Aquarium captures endangered sharks for “educational purposes”

Despite the fact that sand tiger sharks are endangered, hunters working on behalf of Ripley Entertainment, Inc. recently received clearance from the United States government to capture ten of them “for educational purposes”.  (The Toronto Star)  Biologists claim that dozens of trips will be necessary to capture the 13,500 total specimens of fish, rays, and

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Book Review: Exposing the Big Game

It’s no surprise that I’m not a fan of hunting.  But I have a particular distaste for those hunters who attempt to portray themselves as stewards of the earth when they are responsible for so much ecological destruction and when almost every environmentally-friendly undertaking on their part has been deceptive, counter-productive, and motivated entirely by

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The population explosion

As you probably know, the human population reached 7 billion last week.  Do you remember when it hit 6 billion?  You just might–it was only 12 years ago, in 1999.   But for thousands of years, our population was apparently pretty stable. In 1800, there were 1 billion of us.  That’s when we managed to

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Help Animals Affected by Oil Spill pt. 2

Just a quick link: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary has published a great blog post about the impact our eating decisions have upon the environment, including our overconsumption of oil. I wrote about the oil spill about a month ago, when it had just happened.  Of course, the oil is still flowing today.  Sigh.

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Help Animals Affected by Oil Spill

The timing of the spill, National Audubon reported Wednesday, could not be worse for birds, which are now nesting and therefore especially vulnerable in many of the places where the oil could come ashore. Said an Audubon bird conservation director: “We have to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, including a true

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Across the internet this past week (late!)

Sorry I’m late in posting this. I had a busy weekend. So I’m rolling last week and the past couple of days all together for this collection of links to some interesting articles and thought-provoking pieces from across the internet. Don’t miss Lesley’s article about gifting of animals, and also don’t miss Virginia Messina’s articles

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International Vulture Awareness Day

Today is International Vulture Awareness Day, and because I am a huge bird lover, I was excited for the opportunity to participate.  Vultures are finally getting the respect they deserve after years of being viewed as a creepy symbol of death and decay.  Of course, their unsavoury scavenging habits are actually an important part of

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Humpback whale rescued from prawn trap lines

Recently a humpback whale was rescued after becoming entangled in the trap lines of a prawn fisherman. A new Fisheries unit formed to save marine mammals is boasting one of its first successes after rescuing an exhausted and distressed humpback whale in Knight Inlet on the central B.C. coast. A prawn fishermen called in an