The myth of rural ethics

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The myth of rural ethics

I just posted a comment in response to a blog post on the Iowa Farm Bureau blog. I doubt that the comment will get approved, so I thought I’d post it here as well. Here’s the paragraph that caught my eye: Not only are too many suburban-dwelling kids like my daughter removed from the character-building

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Abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms, not an anomaly

I think by now everyone has seen or at least heard about the 4 minute undercover investigation video released by Mercy for Animals earlier this week. Workers at Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio engaged in sadistic abuse of the animals they are paid to care for. Calves having their heads stomped on, diary cows tied

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CBS report on antibiotic use

CBS News has run a 2-part story on the use of antibiotics in livestock. If you are interested at all in the health implications of animal farming, you will likely find these videos informative. I have written in the past about some of the health risks of antibiotic resistant diseases that develop as a result

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Waiting to die

This past weekend we took at drive out through the Fraser valley to check out some slaughterhouses. It was Sunday, so none were open. These cows (not sure if they were male or female) were in a pen, just the 4 of them, waiting there to die. It was awful being there with them and

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Uninspected slaughterhouse in NY operates for years

Ok, this is just plain crazy. There’s a kosher poultry slaughterhouse in New York State that has been operating without state or federal inspection since 2002. According to a story in the NY Daily News: A filthy Kosher slaughterhouse was able to sell more than 1.7 million uninspected birds to consumers in the past five

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Across the internet this past week (late!)

Sorry I’m late in posting this. I had a busy weekend. So I’m rolling last week and the past couple of days all together for this collection of links to some interesting articles and thought-provoking pieces from across the internet. Don’t miss Lesley’s article about gifting of animals, and also don’t miss Virginia Messina’s articles

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New report on the long-term effects of food poisoning

The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention just released a report entitled “Health Outcomes of Selected Foodborne Pathogens (PDF).” It details the known health effects of the five most common foodborne pathogens. Foodborne disease is a serious public health issue that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), causes tens of

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Family farms are factory farms

Today Erik Marcus wrote a post about a pig farm company in North Carolina that has declared bankruptcy. The”farm,” Coharie Hog Farms, is the 22nd largest pork producer in the United States, with 33,000 sows. The original news story states that “the company remains held in family hands.” Some people like to say “family farms,

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Reading: a bunch of links from the past week

Here is a batch of links from the past week or so, for your reading pleasure. Sorry to get to it so late. The biggest story was probably the HSUS veal slaughterhouse investigation, but I’ve only included one link to a story about it below. I’ll try to do a recap post about that story

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A Trip to the PNE, Part Two: the Lies

In the first part of this blog post, I ended by mentioning that my co-volunteer, Joanne, had asked one of the attendants about the mother of the hundreds of baby chicks.  Well, what answer did she receive?  Not the truth, certainly: the attendant informed her that the mother chicken was “at the farm”. This isn’t