Walk for Farm Animals: the last 5 years

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Walk for Farm Animals: the last 5 years

With Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary coming up on September 29th,  I thought this would be a good time to talk about the last 5 years.  The Vancouver walk gets bigger and better every time and each walk is more exciting than the last.  What can I say, we

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2011 Walk for Farm Animals!

Wow, what a busy weekend!  Liberation BC held our 5th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary on Saturday, October 15th, and thanks to many, many caring people, it was a major success.  Every year I end up saying that our most recent walk was the best one yet, but it’s only because

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An intimate dinner with Gene Baur

Last Sunday, we organized a fundraiser dinner event with Gene Baur, the Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary.  The evening was limited to 30 people and took place at Organic Lives, Vancouver’s newest, most amazing raw food restaurant. Gene was every bit as nice and inspirational as we expected.  He gave a wonderful speech and spent a

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Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny day, more than 70 compassionate people joined in the Walk for Farm Animals. The Walk is a fundraiser to benefit Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization based in the United States that rescues and cares for farmed animals – as well as doing a great deal of advocacy work. Here is

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Abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms, not an anomaly

I think by now everyone has seen or at least heard about the 4 minute undercover investigation video released by Mercy for Animals earlier this week. Workers at Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio engaged in sadistic abuse of the animals they are paid to care for. Calves having their heads stomped on, diary cows tied

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Helping animals in the new year

With the new year almost upon us, many of us are thinking about plans and resolutions for 2010. Among them will hopefully be ways to help animals. Here are some suggestions for ways you can help animals in 2010: Go vegan. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is quite simply the most effective thing you can do

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Walkin’ and talkin’ for animals

Today was simply packed with activity. First, we had the Walk for Farm Animals. About 50 people were pre-registered and many more showed up for the walk and registered on the spot. All told, we had over 70 people walking (someone said they counted 80 people)! The biggest walk we’ve organized so far! We don’t

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Countdown to the Walk for Farm Animals

Only one week to go until the Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals! This year we have an exciting time planned. The walk will be starting near Broadway & Granville and the route takes us along Broadway & 4th. The past couple of years many people were concerned that walking near Second Beach in Stanley Park

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Let Live 2009 recap

Joanne and I went down to Portland this past weekend for the Let Live Animal Rights Conference. If you missed it, here’s a bit of a recap of the weekend. I couldn’t go to all the sessions, unfortunately, but the ones I went to were definitely educational. The only problem is that now I’m constantly

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Farm Sanctuary is the best place on earth

I’m in San Francisco for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (not paid for by Liberation BC), which is always nice. I came a few days early to see an old friend, and the conference started Sunday morning, so I ended up with a completely free Saturday. In an unusually compulsive act, I decided to rent a