Village Voice Foie Gras Article

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Village Voice Foie Gras Article

I just (finally) read the pro-foie gras article published in the Village Voice. It’s about the author’s visit to Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm, and includes an extensive slideshow of photos of the farm. I find it interesting that looking at these photos, and the conditions these ducks are raised and force-fed in, makes me

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Valentine’s Day foie gras protest at Cru

Almost a year ago, the owner of Cru, Mark Taylor, had sent me an email saying that foie gras was permanently off their menu. However, they have continued to serve foie gras occasionally and decided to put it on their special Valentine’s Day menu. This is yet another example of the lack of integrity shown

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Why do we need to ban foie gras?

You may wonder, “Why can’t we just ask people to stop serving foie gras and attempt to convince them to use alternative ‘products?’” In my experience, business owners and chefs will say whatever they can to get rid of protesters and avoid trouble. But often they don’t mean it, and will continue to do what

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Foie gras is a cruel dish better left unserved |

To some, foie gras represents the ultimate in luxury food. In reality, it is one of the most extreme forms of cruelty still permitted today, and yet it appears on the menus of many of Vancouver’s finest restaurants. We were asked to write an article for the politics blog about our foie gras campaign.

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Bocuse d’Or – Who gets the prize? Not the animals.

Later this month, David Wong, an instructor at Vancouver’s Dubrulle Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Vancouver will be headed off to France to compete in the Bocuse d’Or. I’ve read that it’s like the Olympics of food. Cooking food, not eating it. While I’m all proud that Vancouver has a shot at sending

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Looking back over the past year, I’m amazed at what we’ve been able to accomplish. Here are some of the highlights: As you may know, LBC launched our foie gras campaign last spring.  The campaign has generated so much media interest that we’ve been covered nearly thirty times by media outlets ranging from the

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Foie gras proponents avoid the facts

When we are out protesting a restaurant that serves foie gras or out collecting petition signatures people occasionally come along who don’t agree with us. Sometimes they are even willing to stop and exchange a few words with us. What is odd, however, is that so often they are unwilling to deal with the actual

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Foie gras and the French

A couple of us went out on Monday and Tuesday to collect signatures for Liberation BC’s campaign to ban foie gras in Vancouver. It was cold but many people stopped to sign. One guy walked by and took a leaflet, then came back to hand me the leaflet. He said he was French, so there