Down with down! (Again!)

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Down with down! (Again!)

I’ve written about down and other feathers before–not just on our website but on this blog.  But I found this the other day at a local store and noticed two problems with the packaging.  The first is the fact that the photo is of a Mute Swan, not a goose.  (The body language tells us

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The reality of foie gras production

  Foie gras is a shockingly cruel industry which relies on the deliberate infliction of a painful and debiliating disease in order to create the grossly enlarged, swollen liver so prized by gourmands. 24 million ducks and geese die for foie gras, 500,000 of which are in Canada–Quebec, specifically. In modern foie gras factory farms,

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Down with down (and all feathers!)

Down and feathers sometimes get left out of debates about animal cruelty, but that’s partly because many people just aren’t aware of the considerable suffering that goes into down-filled coats, pillows, or comforters, as well as all those pretty decorative feathers you see being worn with jewelry or as hair extensions. The biggest issue is