Help end rodeo cruelty on Vancouver Island!

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Help end rodeo cruelty on Vancouver Island!

(This is a guest post by Melissa de Meulles of Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events) There is a small suburb just north of Victoria, the City of Langford, where each May long weekend the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo (LPR) takes place. This is the last rodeo operating on Vancouver Island. (Learn more about rodeo cruelty.)

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Help sharks, support Bill C-380!

(This guest post was written by Ava Hickson of the Vancouver Animal Defense League.  Thanks, Ava!) What do you do when millions of sharks are under attack from money-hungry poachers, corrupt governments and an unregulated international trade? Stand up, fight back! And that is what Vancouver Animal Defense League is doing to save sharks! It

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Meat consumption and global pandemics

Guest post by Dr. Martin Godwyn, originally published in The Flying Shingle, May 28, 2012: If you were asked what is the greatest single threat to human life today, what would you say? Certainly, climate change would be a strong contender for that title…turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet is, for most of us, the simplest

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What will save sharks?

(This post is guest-written by Lindsay O’Donnell of  Wake Project.  Thanks, Lindsay!) As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about sharks, writing about sharks, and talking about sharks, I’ve come to a conclusion: sharks are very much like Tom Cruise. Survival of both sharks and Tom Cruise rest on a good PR agent.

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Chilean Earthquake Relief Vegan Bake Sale (guest post by Stephanie Belding)

It is amazing what a difference a week can make. As I write this post, I am overlooking the North Shore mountains, watching float planes skirt the sky and can still see the Olympic rings floating idly on their barge in the harbour below. This time last Saturday morning, February 27th, the world awoke, yet

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Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti (guest post by Gabrielle Pope)

On the 13th of January of this year, many of us woke up to the devastating news that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere had been rocked by 7.0 magnitude catastrophic earthquake, which has since claimed the lives of at least 150,000 people, injured innumerable people, destroyed national landmarks and ravaged homes, hospitals, communication,