January volunteer night

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January volunteer night

Another month, another night with the best volunteers in all of BC! For January’s volunteer night, we stamped literally thousands of Vegan Outreach leaflets, cut up sticker sheets, and organized pins.  Our amazing team of 13 whooshed through these tasks at lightning-fast rate. As always, we had lots of interesting conversations, too: from advocacy tactics

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Got the Facts on Milk?

On October 16th, we showed the documentary Got the Facts on Milk? as part of our Eyes Wide Open free film screening series.  An audience of about 190 showed up to learn…well, the facts on milk. While the dairy industry is a major cause of cruelty and environmental destruction, the makers of Got the Facts

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Maximum Tolerated Dose: A dose of reality

On August 3rd, Liberation BC screened a new documentary, Maximum Tolerated Dose, as part of our Eyes Wide Open free film series.  I hadn’t seen it yet and I will admit that I was very nervous.  The title alone sounded ominous. I hoped it might not have scenes of horrific violence like many other documentaries about

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Meat consumption and global pandemics

Guest post by Dr. Martin Godwyn, originally published in The Flying Shingle, May 28, 2012: If you were asked what is the greatest single threat to human life today, what would you say? Certainly, climate change would be a strong contender for that title…turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet is, for most of us, the simplest

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A recap of lauren Ornelas’s food justice talk

lauren Ornelas, founder and director of the Food Empowerment Project, was here in Vancouver on Saturday to present a talk on food justice. The Food Empowerment Project is part of the vanguard of an exciting movement looking beyond single issues. This is their mission statement: The Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just

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Food Justice talk with lauren Ornelas

lauren Ornelas is one of the most amazing activists I’ve ever met, and we’re bringing her up to Vancouver to speak on May 21st. Here’s the description of the event: lauren Ornelas, Founder and Director of the Food Empowerment Project, will be discussing how we can use our food choices to create a more just

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Forks over Knives screening a resounding success

Last night Liberation BC presented a free screening of Forks over Knives to a packed room of 300 people. The screening was co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library. Robert Cheeke flew up from the US to introduce the film and answer questions after. For those who missed this screening, the film will be in theatres

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CBS report on antibiotic use

CBS News has run a 2-part story on the use of antibiotics in livestock. If you are interested at all in the health implications of animal farming, you will likely find these videos informative. I have written in the past about some of the health risks of antibiotic resistant diseases that develop as a result

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MRSA scares the bejeezus out of me

MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection (a flesh-eating disease) that has been linked to both hospitals and farms. What do farms and hospitals have in common? They collect a great number of sick or at-risk individuals together in one place, combined with lots and lots of antibiotics. Giving lots of antibiotics leads to the mutation

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The meat industry doesn’t care about you or the animals

The more I learn about the industries that exploit animals to be used for food, the more I realize that there is simply no concern for the animals or even for the humans who consume the meat of those animals. Erik Marcus linked me to an article Martha Rosenberg has just written about the drug