Volunteer Spotlight: John Federico

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Volunteer Spotlight: John Federico

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow keeps John from coming out every Friday morning to speak up for animals! John Federico only became actively involved in animal rights activism about a year ago but I honestly don’t know how we survived before he came on the scene! He has done such a great deal of

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In Honour of Chickens

Of the billions of land animals killed for food each year, most of them are chickens.   Saturday May 4th was the International Day of Respect for Chickens and, as a lead up to this day, Liberation BC held morning vigils all week outside the chicken slaughterhouse, Hallmark Poultry Processing, at Commercial and Hastings. For

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International Respect for Chickens Day: A rooster crows for the first time

Today is the 8th annual International Respect for Chickens Day as declared by United Poultry Concerns back in 2005.  In honour of this special holiday, I  decided to write about a chicken I’ve known personally. In 2007, a little chick was rescued from the alley behind a slaughterhouse by local activists Tanya and Jason Halvorson.

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First Day of International Respect for Chickens Week

We’ve been talking a lot about International Respect for Chickens Day lately (see our Amazing Facts about Chickens posts, part one and part two) so I thought I’d post this photo of a few of the fantastic activists who headed out early this morning to stick up for chickens near the slaughterhouse at Hastings Street and

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8 Amazing Facts About Chickens: Part Two

In 2005, the fine folks at United Poultry Concerns declared May 4th “International Respect for Chickens Day”.  A couple of days ago, we posted the first part of a list of 8 amazing chicken facts in honour of 8 years of IRCD.  Here is part two. 5. Chickens feel empathy.  A study carried out in 2011 at the

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8 Amazing Facts about Chickens: Part One

In 2005, the fine folks at United Poultry Concerns declared May 4th “International Respect for Chickens Day”.  That means that 2013 is the 8th such day dedicated to the celebration of these funny, curious, clever, brave little birds who very unfortunately comprise about 99% of the land animals we kill for food each year and

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International Respect for Chickens Day 2012

In 2005, United Poultry Concerns declared May 4th International Respect for Chickens Day. It makes sense to have a special day to recognize chickens, who are the most abused animals on the planet.  Those raised for meat are slaughtered at 45 days of age, if, indeed, they manage to survive the considerable toll that the industry

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International Day of Respect for Chickens 2011

Some chicken-related news in honour of International Day of Respect for Chickens 2011.  (You can read about the history of this holiday, which was started by United Poultry Concerns, in last year’s blog post.) The University of Bristol’s Animal Welfare and Behaviour research group performed a study in which chicks were exposed to “a puff

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International Respect for Chickens Day

Today is International Respect for Chickens Day, an event “to celebrate chickens throughout the world and protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations.” Begun in 2005 by United Poultry Concerns, International Respect for Chickens Day is quickly becoming an annual tradition for animal rights activists.  Chickens are by far the most abused animals