The words we use

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The words we use

I just read the latest post on the Chicken Farmers of Canada blog and noticed the language in this paragraph: Did you know that uncooked chicken pieces will keep in your freezer for up to six months? And a whole chicken can be frozen for up to a year? Stocking your freezer with chicken can

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Vegansexuals is a term that refers to vegans who only have intimate (i.e. sexual)  relationships with other vegans. Here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary: Extremely compassionate, passionate, and sexy people who engage in sexual acztivities with people don’t consume animals or anything that comes from an animal. They believe that engaging in sexual activities with

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I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to write a post about this message I got on twitter the other day. But, since it was sent to me publicly, I guess it’s ok to write about it and make it more public. For some time I’ve been conversing on twitter with a pig and

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Links from around the web

Here are some links from around the web that you might find interesting. Audubon magazine has a fantastic article about the environmental impacts of meat-eating. So why in the world am I a dedicated vegetarian? Why is meat, including sumptuous pork, a complete stranger to my fork at home and away? The answer is simple: