Santa Claus Parade Leafleting

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Santa Claus Parade Leafleting

Thanks to all the Liberation BC Christmas elves who came out to the Santa Claus Parade to speak out for turkeys!  Sophie and I, along with volunteers Richa, Marv, Joanne, Sandra, and one super tall gentleman whose name we managed to miss (please let us know if it was you!) spent two hours spreading Christmas

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Leafleting and Lessons at the Paul McCartney Concert

On Sunday, November 25th, Liberation BC and 12 dedicated volunteers braved a frosty evening outside gate A at BC Place Stadium to speak out for animals.  Beneath a larger-than-life screen playing music and film footage from McCartney and Beatles concerts throughout the years, all 17 of us spread into the crowd of thousands of people waiting outside

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October volunteer night with John Oberg of Vegan Outreach

We had a special guest for October’s volunteer night: John Oberg, one of Vegan Outreach‘s regional coordinators, came to Nice Shoes to speak and offer tips as to how to be a more effective leafleter.  John is in the midst of a leafleting tour, travelling around the continent as part of Vegan Outreach’s Adopt-a-College program.  As

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Thanksgiving Turkey Leafleting

Every year, we give out our turkey leaflets during the week leading up to Thankgiving.  They really started to take off when we added a bunch of yummy vegan recipes to them!   A heartfelt thanks goes out to volunteers Alissa, Merideth, Marv and Risha for helping us spread the word about the truth behind turkey production, as

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2012 Walk for Farm Animals a major success!

On Saturday, September 29th, about 115 people came to the Vancouver Art Gallery to participate in Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary, showing support and raising awareness for some of the most abused and forgotten beings on the planet.  The Walk for Farm Animals is a celebration of kindness,

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Book Review: The Animal Activist’s Handbook

If you care about animals and you want to be inspired to do more, become empowered with skills to make a difference, and feel confident that there is hope for the animal rights movement, then the Animal Activist’s Handbook is for you!  It is a quick read but the information is powerful.  I keep the

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Successful Demo for Mother’s Day!

Liberation BC launched a cow-led search party on Wednesday May 9th to find calves that are stolen by the millions each year from mother cows by the Canadian dairy industry.  We gathered to promote our Cow Ribbon Campaign, which raises awareness about the suffering of mother cows and encourages the public to choose dairy alternatives.

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Save a life this Thanksgiving

Even though we live in Canada, many of us celebrate US Thanksgiving. Please take a minute to read this excellent article about just who you might be eating on Thursday. When most people hear the word turkey, they think of a roast on the table at Thanksgiving—the piece of flesh whose entire purpose is to satisfy our

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Holiday Leafleting – Recap

I’m slooowly getting back to work after the holidays, and this is something I meant to post about sooner. (Resolution: procrastinate less. I’ll get on that soon, I swear.) We had a great December, handing out about 2000 of our turkey leaflets altogether. We handed out 1000 at the Santa Claus Parade downtown on December

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Leafleting at Diwali Downtown

Last week was Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. There were several events around Vancouver, culminating in a big celebration at the Roundhouse Centre in Yaletown on Sunday. This sounded like a good opportunity for some outreach to the people of the South Asian community, many of whom already have a great respect for cows. So