Help revise our Talking Turkey leaflet

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Help revise our Talking Turkey leaflet

I was engaged in a bit of an exchange with Gary Francione over the past couple of days, and he made a good point about our turkey leaflet – that it was exclusively focused on the treatment of turkeys. Personally, I think it should still deal with treatment in some fashion, but it would improve

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Thanksgiving turkey leafleting dates announced

Here are the dates for our annual turkey leafleting. We will be handing out copies of our “Talking Turkey” leaflet to commuters during rush hour on these dates: Sep 27 – 4:30-5:30pm – Burrard station Sep 28 – 4:30-5:30pm – Cambie & Broadway Sep 29 – 4:30-5:30pm – Granville & Broadway Sep 30 – 4:30-5:30pm

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Walkin’ and talkin’ for animals

Today was simply packed with activity. First, we had the Walk for Farm Animals. About 50 people were pre-registered and many more showed up for the walk and registered on the spot. All told, we had over 70 people walking (someone said they counted 80 people)! The biggest walk we’ve organized so far! We don’t

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Quack! Our Canada Day Adventure

We recently got a duck mascot costume (thanks to NARN for the info on that) so we decided to take him out for the afternoon on Canada Day. He hasn’t been named yet. If you have any ideas for a name, email your ideas to Becci. We’ll select the top choices and let everyone vote!

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Our Boycott Procter & Gamble event

We held an event today in honour of International Boycott Procter & Gamble Day. In case you don’t know, Procter & Gamble is a giant company that conducts huge amounts of testing on animals. Much of this testing is on cosmetics, soaps, cleaners, toothpaste, etc. Almost nothing that P&G makes can be considered a necessity.

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Earth Day recap

On Earth Day we wound up our little week-long campaign with a vegan cupcake giveaway outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery. We gave away over 500 cupcakes (and some cookies and tofurkey sausage). Thanks to Evan for baking a huge batch of ridiculously good mini vanilla cupcakes. Paul from Mojave (rockin’ good band – check’m

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More pre-Earth Day leafleting and looking forward to summer

Out again today with the environmental info. I forgot to bring the camera so I don’t have a picture. It was just 2 of us today, at Commercial Drive skytrain station. We gave out about 400 leaflets in an hour and a half, which really surprised me, since sometimes it seemed to slow and as

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Almost Earth Day

On Wednesday we started our week-long “Meat Free Earth Day” campaign. It’s a pretty low-key campaign this year. We started with a 1 hour launch event which went pretty well. The weather was great. This afternoon we were out doing some rush hour leafleting. We gave away all of our leaflets in just an hour! 

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Naked protesters say “Have a heart, don’t buy fur!”

As part of National Anti-Fur Day, we staged a protest downtown at the Bay here in Vancouver. There are protests happening in 17 22 cities across Canada (most on the 14th – the actual anti-fur day). 6 nude activists wearing big paper hearts were the centerpiece of the protest, with other activists holding signs or

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Foie gras and the French

A couple of us went out on Monday and Tuesday to collect signatures for Liberation BC’s campaign to ban foie gras in Vancouver. It was cold but many people stopped to sign. One guy walked by and took a leaflet, then came back to hand me the leaflet. He said he was French, so there