Let Live 2010: creativity, passion, and so much love

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Let Live 2010: creativity, passion, and so much love

I’m back at home now after Let Live, an inspiring weekend of talks, conversation, and some really good food. Let Live is an amazing animal rights conference. I love it because it focuses on the grassroots – people who are dedicating their spare time to making change for animals. There are a lot of really

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A report from Let Live Portland

I’m in Portland at the Let Live Conference, an annual animal rights conference put on by the Let Live Foundation in conjunction with the Student Animal Liberation Coalition at Portland State University. The theme this year is “creativity.” For those of you not here, some of the sessions are being streamed live. We haven’t yet

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Activist tools: video of a Let Live talk

I did a talk with Erica Meier (Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing) at the Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland this past June. Her portion of the talk is quite obviously better than mine (since she is cooler by far than I am) but you may get something out of my portion as

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Let Live 2009 recap

Joanne and I went down to Portland this past weekend for the Let Live Animal Rights Conference. If you missed it, here’s a bit of a recap of the weekend. I couldn’t go to all the sessions, unfortunately, but the ones I went to were definitely educational. The only problem is that now I’m constantly

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Blogging at Let Live!

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I’m doing a blogging session at Let Live Conference in Portland. A small but fun session. Check back later for more highlights from Let Live.

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Internet Activism, Vegan Waffles, and Underwear

I made a short trip down to Portland, OR to do a workshop on internet activism this past weekend as part of the Let Live Foundation‘s activism series. They’re the same batch of people who put on the Let Live Conference last summer, and this workshop was an expansion of a talk I did then.