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Someone stopped by our table at the folk festival and talked about whether or not lobsters feel pain, so I told her to check out David Foster Wallace’s article in Gourmet magazine about lobsters. It’s a really well-written (of course) piece that really looks at whether lobsters feel pain when boiled alive. Yes, he concludes,

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Piled like garbage

People who eat sea animals like to get them fresh, and some of the freshest can be found at T&T Supermarket, which was just purchased by Loblaws. They have many tanks of fish, crabs, and lobsters: I can’t imagine what it must be like to these animals, packed together like that. In some cases they

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Bocuse d’Or – Who gets the prize? Not the animals.

Later this month, David Wong, an instructor at Vancouver’s Dubrulle Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Vancouver will be headed off to France to compete in the Bocuse d’Or. I’ve read that it’s like the Olympics of food. Cooking food, not eating it. While I’m all proud that Vancouver has a shot at sending