Help sharks, support Bill C-380!

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Help sharks, support Bill C-380!

(This guest post was written by Ava Hickson of the Vancouver Animal Defense League.  Thanks, Ava!) What do you do when millions of sharks are under attack from money-hungry poachers, corrupt governments and an unregulated international trade? Stand up, fight back! And that is what Vancouver Animal Defense League is doing to save sharks! It

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What will save sharks?

(This post is guest-written by Lindsay O’Donnell of  Wake Project.  Thanks, Lindsay!) As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about sharks, writing about sharks, and talking about sharks, I’ve come to a conclusion: sharks are very much like Tom Cruise. Survival of both sharks and Tom Cruise rest on a good PR agent.

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UBC Research on Monkeys in the News

Stop UBC Animal Research (STOP), a local campaign to end research on animals at UBC, landed a story on the front page of The Province today. STOP uncovered a proposal by UBC researchers to conduct experiments on rhesus monkeys and is asking for the University to halt the experiment and release the monkeys to a

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Animal Rights Day 2010

Yesterday, the Vancouver Humane Society hosted our city’s 28th annual Animal Rights Day with a free event at the art gallery.  We were there, as well as the Vancouver Rabbit Rescue Association, Hearts on Noses, and SAINTS. It was fun to talk to other local animal advocacy groups and to catch up with old friends–and

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Local Organizations: ADAV

The Animal Defense and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC was founded almost a hundred years ago (sorry, I forget the exact date) to oppose the use of animals in scientific experiments. They are still around and still focused on stopping the bad science of animal testing and animal experimentation, in addition to promotion of kindness towards

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Local Organizations: Vancouver Humane Society

ChickenOUT! A VHS campaign The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is another Vancouver-based organizations working to help animals. Unlike other “humane societies”, VHS was modelled on the Humane Society of the United States, and most of their works is advocating for animals. They do fund some animal rescue and emergency care, but they help animals by

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Local orgs: Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

I thought it would be fun to write about some of the local organizations doing good work for animals. One of the first organizations I got in touch with when I came to Vancouver was Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy (VRRA). The local chapter of the House Rabbit Society, they operate a small shelter and