Happiness is a…wait, what?

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Happiness is a…wait, what?

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Today I found out that apparently, the meat industry has a new slogan that they’re preparing to unveil: Happiness is a Dead Animal I swear I am not making this up.  In a time when people are more and more concerned about whether the animals they kill for food were treated in a humane fashion,

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Cruelty, supported by your tax dollars

From a press release [pdf] I received this morning: The Government of Canada is investing up to $9.6 million to help improve the long-term profitability of Eastern Canada’s largest culled cattle slaughter plant in Quebec. This is the first project announced under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Slaughter Improvement Program, part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

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Buying local will not save the planet

Amanda Daniel, who writes a blog called “Into the Eyes of God” sent me a link to a story in Forbes Magazine called “The Locavore Myth.” The author, James E. McWilliams, starts off with: Buy local, shrink the distance food travels, save the planet. The locavore movement has captured a lot of fans. To their

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How long until we seriously shoot ourselves in the foot?

The meat industry is gambling with human lives by using antibiotics in livestock. The unfortunate fact is that on today’s intensive farming operations, antibiotics are necessary to keep the animals from all getting sick and dying. The only problem is that bacteria mutate rapidly and antibiotic resistant strains pop up here and there. In an

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Penguins at risk – what can we do?

Scientists have stated that the magnificent Emperor Penguin may be extinct within the century due to loss of ice caused by climate change. As the earth warms, we are going to start seeing more and more animals becoming extinct. What can we do to help? One of the easiest and most effective ways that we

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Our food choices matter

Richard Schwartz recently posted an article on the Veg Climate Alliance website, “Global catastrophe or sustainable future?“. It’s worth looking at if for nothing more that the extensive list of sources. He really looks into how exactly a shift towards a plant-based diet would reduce ghg emissions enough to give us time to solve the

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Foie gras – part of the larger debate

A week ago the Ottawa Animal Defense League got some media coverage about their foie gras campaign. One article, Foie gras ban does little to address cruelty by Joanne Chianello ran in The Ottawa Citizen on May 10, 2009. While this was a reasonably balanced article, the closing couple of paragraphs seemed somewhat odd to

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Almost Earth Day

On Wednesday we started our week-long “Meat Free Earth Day” campaign. It’s a pretty low-key campaign this year. We started with a 1 hour launch event which went pretty well. The weather was great. This afternoon we were out doing some rush hour leafleting. We gave away all of our leaflets in just an hour! 

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Respect for animals

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about people who say that they love animals and respect them, but then eat them. How does this work? Are they just using these words to mean something other than what I think they mean? Love would seem to indicate that they care at least as much for the

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Links from around the web

Here are some links from around the web that you might find interesting. Audubon magazine has a fantastic article about the environmental impacts of meat-eating. So why in the world am I a dedicated vegetarian? Why is meat, including sumptuous pork, a complete stranger to my fork at home and away? The answer is simple: