UFC fighter Jon Fitch’s diet

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UFC fighter Jon Fitch’s diet

Jon Fitch is the #2 welterweight MMA fighter in the world in pretty much everyone’s book. (Georges St-Pierre, the consensus #1, is the only fighter to defeat Fitch in the UFC.) He’s known for a grinding fighting style, overpowering and outworking his opponents. Here’s a video he recently released showing what he eats in a

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Vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig doesn’t worry about protein; hates salads

Mac Danzig has been on every list of famous vegan athletes since winning season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter. Makes sense: who better to combat the stereotype of vegans as the 98-pound weakling in Charles Atlas ads than, well, a combat athlete. Last weekend was a good one for Danzig, as he picked up a

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 8

Read parts 1-6 here. Can you imagine the world in twenty years if everyone were a vegan?  These poor people are so weak, they can hardly walk. Imagine a 90 lb. Marine trying to defend our country. He couldn’t even carry the gear he needs. Imagine a Iron worker, a connector, who tool pouch weighs

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What’s all the hype about calcium in dairy?

I was messing around with Wolphram|Alpha today doing some nutritional comparisons of different foods. Here’s the result of the query “calcium 1 cup milk vs 1 cup tofu“: This is pretty astonishing. I never see anything in the milk  ads or on dairy websites that would indicate that tofu has more calcium than milk. They

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Reading: a bunch of links from the past week

Here is a batch of links from the past week or so, for your reading pleasure. Sorry to get to it so late. The biggest story was probably the HSUS veal slaughterhouse investigation, but I’ve only included one link to a story about it below. I’ll try to do a recap post about that story