Walk for Farm Animals: Julia and her piglets

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Walk for Farm Animals: Julia and her piglets

Since Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary is coming up this Saturday, it’s time to get to know just a few of the some of the approximately 900 animals who live at Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters.  Are you ready for the Walk? This is part of a series of farm animal stories on our blog. “feisty”

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Visiting Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter

Liberation BC is gearing up for our 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary in just two weeks!  Are you ready? I have visited Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter in Watkins Glen four times over the past ten years, and each time the experience has reconnected me with my purpose in working

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The meat industry doesn’t care about you or the animals

The more I learn about the industries that exploit animals to be used for food, the more I realize that there is simply no concern for the animals or even for the humans who consume the meat of those animals. Erik Marcus linked me to an article Martha Rosenberg has just written about the drug

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Link soup

Here are some posts and articles from the past week or so. Enjoy! A few posts about backyard chickens: Farm Sanctuary backyard chicken action alert (with link to coalition position statement on backyard chickens) Making Hay (Farm Sanctuary): Backyard Chickens, a Sad Fad Sanctuary Tails (Farm Sanctuary): The High Price of Fresh Eggs Animal Place

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The week in review

Eating Animals Many pieces appeared this past week about Eating Animals, the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer. There are some reviews and a few interviews. There was even a live Q and A with readers that appeared on the Washington Post website. The Huffington Post: My Q and A With Jonathan Safran Foer The

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Reading from the past week

Here, in no particular order (except possibly accidentally chronological) is a highlight of some of the articles I’ve read around the internet this past week. There’s a lot about Eating Animals, which I imagine will be in the news (especially animal rights news) for some time yet to come (right now it’s #49 on Amazon.ca,

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Family farms are factory farms

Today Erik Marcus wrote a post about a pig farm company in North Carolina that has declared bankruptcy. The”farm,” Coharie Hog Farms, is the 22nd largest pork producer in the United States, with 33,000 sows. The original news story states that “the company remains held in family hands.” Some people like to say “family farms,

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One million calories.

This super interesting new interactive chart from Animal Visuals shows how many animals die for one million calories’ worth of chicken, eggs, beef, veggies, grains, etc.  You can sort it by total, by how many are slaughtered (intentionally, I assume?), and by the harvesting of fields, either to feed us or to feed animals. Isn’t

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For the bacon lovers out there

Once I went out to eat at a restaurant with my co-workers. The server  tried to tell me that I should start eating meat again because of bacon. He actually tried to convince me that bacon was the one food that vegans keep trying to find ways to produce in a vegan form, and that

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I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to write a post about this message I got on twitter the other day. But, since it was sent to me publicly, I guess it’s ok to write about it and make it more public. For some time I’ve been conversing on twitter with a pig and