URGENT: Land needed to relocate UVic rabbits

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URGENT: Land needed to relocate UVic rabbits

The University of Victoria has given activists until the end of the month to remove 1,600 feral rabbits from campus before the mass slaughter begins. Urgently needed:  Land donation/lease or money donation. If you or anyone you know has land to lease or donate, please let us know right away! Since all existing rescues and

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UVic lies about bunny cull

The University of Victoria has unleashed a mass cull of the campus rabbits.  They say the rabbits are digging up holes and causing athletes to trip and injure themselves. Last week, I went to UVic and found…well, lots of rabbits but no holes on the ground.  I walked all over the campus in various parts

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Save the UVic Rabbits!

You’ve probably heard the news: the University of Victoria, suffering a rabbit overpopulation problem which is entirely the fault of people, has just begun a massive cull. There are 1,300-1,500 rabbits, and every one of them is either a released pet or the offspring of a released pet.  Most of them are tame; they’re described

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Beanie died tonight. As so often is the case with rabbits it happened suddenly and almost without warning. Yesterday he had seemed fine, was running around and eating like normal. When we got home this evening he was barely moving and his temperature was very low. He just slowly died and there wasn’t anything we

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Local orgs: Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

I thought it would be fun to write about some of the local organizations doing good work for animals. One of the first organizations I got in touch with when I came to Vancouver was Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy (VRRA). The local chapter of the House Rabbit Society, they operate a small shelter and

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Farm Sanctuary is the best place on earth

I’m in San Francisco for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (not paid for by Liberation BC), which is always nice. I came a few days early to see an old friend, and the conference started Sunday morning, so I ended up with a completely free Saturday. In an unusually compulsive act, I decided to rent a

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Oh right, it’s Easter!

I was sitting here wondering what to write about, and I realized that it’s Easter this Sunday. I was raised Christian and Easter was a big deal in our house. We would get up really early to go to the sunrise service (actually at sunrise). We also had easter baskets and painted easter eggs and