Taiwan joins the team, bans seal products

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Taiwan joins the team, bans seal products

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One thing is for sure: nobody is benefitting from the seal hunt anymore, with the possible exception of the politicians who use it some sort of intentionally misleading talking point. Last week, Taiwan announced that it would be banning the trade of commercial seal products.  This is lousy news for the flailing seal hunt industry,

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MPs eat seal, understand ordinary Canadians

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Ew. This is icky in so many ways. 1. What’s the statement they’re trying to make? Our legislators eat seal meat at their exclusive, upscale restaurant–starting now, at most once a week–so the seal slaughter is at the heart of Canadian culture? Are we supposed to suddenly start believing that the slaughter is for meat,

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Friday’s Animal Voices Radio Show

So, are you listening yet? Okay, so I’m a little biased–the hosts are Liberation BC‘s very own Joanne Chang, as well as VeganMania‘s Christa Trueman and Alison Cole of Earthsave.  But it’s seriously an entertaining show and a great resource for animal advocates. The first guest was Karen Levenson, of the Toronto-based Animal Alliance.  The

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Olympic lesson: not all protests are the same

The Olympics is a great time to get exposure for issues happening in Canada in the international media.  The city is overflowing with media and people. Yesterday just happened to be the 21st annual National Anti Fur Day.  Protests were held all across Canada against the fur industry.  We were handing out leaflets and raising

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Becci sent me this trailer for Seabert, a French cartoon from the 80s that starred a baby seal. He and his human friends travel around and have adventures while saving animals from harm. There are a few things that bother me about it (like the collar that Seabert wears) but how cool is it to

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Ouch! Inukshuk clubbing a seal – Peta’s new seal hunt campaign

I just got back from Peta’s press conference outside of Vancouver city hall unveiling the logo for their new campaign against Canada’s seal hunt. I am not always a supporter and I sometimes cringe at Peta’s stunts, but this time I think they are dead on. Co-opting the Olympic logo, which itself is co-opted from

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Native People and the Seal Hunt

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The Canadian Seal Hunt starts in about a month and a half. I refer, of course, to the annual slaughter of about 300,000 baby harp seals. I think that a lot of the people who actually support the Canadian Seal Hunt are understandably confused by the concept that