Are cockfighting roosters doomed?

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Are cockfighting roosters doomed?

When it comes to coming up with myths about animals to justify their mistreatment, we humans have an endless supply.  Certainly you’ve heard at least a few of these: Turkeys are so stupid that they will look up at rain until they drown (oh, really?) Sheep are just brainless followers (nope) Pigeons are dirty and

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Celebrate Mother’s Day…with tons of cute animal pictures!

Check out our collection of cute Cow Ribbon e-cards to send to the mothers in your life! And a very, very happy Mother’s Day to all moms, whether they be… (It’s a cuteness blitz and I can’t stop!) (As with pigeons, both parents take care of their babies, so this might actually be the father.)

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Walk for Farm Animals: the Cattaraugus 60

Since Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary is coming up on September 29th, it’s time to get to know just a few of the some of the approximately 900 animals who live at Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters. (It’s also time to register and get started fundraising!) This is part of a series of farm animal stories on our

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Sheep evolved to live in places that are mountainous and very often cold, hence their coat of wool. They were domesticated thousands of years ago, and now domestic sheep are quite distinct from their wild cousins. Domestic sheep are bred to produce much more wool than they would produce in their natural habitat, often in