“Experiencing” animal suffering through virtual reality

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“Experiencing” animal suffering through virtual reality

Though it is obvious that virtual reality could never truly recreate the experiences of an animal subjected to such cruelty as exists on farms today, a study at Stanford University has perhaps come a little closer than before. According an article in Scientific American, researchers carried out an experiment meant to give students an impression

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Waiting to die

This past weekend we took at drive out through the Fraser valley to check out some slaughterhouses. It was Sunday, so none were open. These cows (not sure if they were male or female) were in a pen, just the 4 of them, waiting there to die. It was awful being there with them and

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Uninspected slaughterhouse in NY operates for years

Ok, this is just plain crazy. There’s a kosher poultry slaughterhouse in New York State that has been operating without state or federal inspection since 2002. According to a story in the NY Daily News: A filthy Kosher slaughterhouse was able to sell more than 1.7 million uninspected birds to consumers in the past five

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Mixed martial arts and the violence of everyday eating

There’s been a lot of discussion in the local Vancouver media about whether or not to allow mixed martial arts events in Vancouver. The latest news was that the city council had voted to provisionally allow these events for a 2-year trial. What’s interested me about this whole thing is the issue people have with

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Thou shalt not kill

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? My version of the Bible (I don’t actually own a Bible, although I may have a Chinese-language one around the house somewhere – I mean the version I read when I was younger) does not in any qualify this commandment. It simply says “thou shalt not kill” with no

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Links from around the web

Here are some links from around the web that you might find interesting. Audubon magazine has a fantastic article about the environmental impacts of meat-eating. So why in the world am I a dedicated vegetarian? Why is meat, including sumptuous pork, a complete stranger to my fork at home and away? The answer is simple: