EPIC Vancouver – day 1

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EPIC Vancouver – day 1

Yesterday (Friday) was the first day of the EPIC Sustainability Expo. We have a table at the show, in what I’m calling the “non-profit ghetto”. It’s actually a nice spot, right in the center of the show, so not really a ghetto at all. We’re right next to the food displays, and right behind the

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Sustainability: what does it mean for animals

I’ve been hearing a lot about “sustainability” lately. It is a goal (“a ‘sustainable’ society”), a criticism (“that’s completely unsustainable”), and a justification (“but it’s sustainable”). Sustainability is often presented as the deciding factor in determining if an action or practice is ok. I was a bit confused about what “sustainability” actually means, so I

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Almost Earth Day

On Wednesday we started our week-long “Meat Free Earth Day” campaign. It’s a pretty low-key campaign this year. We started with a 1 hour launch event which went pretty well. The weather was great. This afternoon we were out doing some rush hour leafleting. We gave away all of our leaflets in just an hour!