How to make a holiday Unturkey roast

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How to make a holiday Unturkey roast

Back in the 1990’s there were two store bought holiday roasts. Tofurky and Unturkey. Nowadays it seems that no one remembers the Unturkey even though it far surpasses the Tofurky in flavor, texture and presentation. Unturkey was invented by Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner from San Francisco, who also owned the company, Now & Zen. Besides Unturkey,

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Vegan MoFo#8: The unturkey evaluation

The unturkey was cooked and eaten.  Here are some photos and the verdict. The roast looked as AMAZING as I remembered (back when you were able to buy unturkey in a box).  However, I would steer you away from making the “wheat meat” or seitan with vital wheat gluten.  It takes a lot more effort

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Vegan MoFo #7: Unturkey

It’s Thanksgiving today, a day of mourning for the millions of turkeys mutilated and murdered all over Canada to uphold a tradition.  Turkeys are one of the friendliest creatures I’ve encountered.  See my article about turkeys here. My post today will be about making a cruelty free roast.  In the old days, there were TWO