Vegan bake sale for UVic rabbits

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Vegan bake sale for UVic rabbits

Liberation BC organized a vegan bake sale after UVic announced that it will give activists until the end of July to rescue all the campus rabbits before starting a mass cull. The bake sale took place at 3G Vegetarian Restaurant last night.  We received three $1000 matching donations from individual donors and a donation of

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URGENT: Land needed to relocate UVic rabbits

The University of Victoria has given activists until the end of the month to remove 1,600 feral rabbits from campus before the mass slaughter begins. Urgently needed:  Land donation/lease or money donation. If you or anyone you know has land to lease or donate, please let us know right away! Since all existing rescues and

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UVic lies about bunny cull

The University of Victoria has unleashed a mass cull of the campus rabbits.  They say the rabbits are digging up holes and causing athletes to trip and injure themselves. Last week, I went to UVic and found…well, lots of rabbits but no holes on the ground.  I walked all over the campus in various parts

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Save the UVic Rabbits!

You’ve probably heard the news: the University of Victoria, suffering a rabbit overpopulation problem which is entirely the fault of people, has just begun a massive cull. There are 1,300-1,500 rabbits, and every one of them is either a released pet or the offspring of a released pet.  Most of them are tame; they’re described