Should the Vancouver Aquarium Increase its Captive Cetacean Program?

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Should the Vancouver Aquarium Increase its Captive Cetacean Program?

This is the question that the Vancouver Park Board asked on Saturday, July 26, 2014, with continuing public input on Monday, July 28. The meeting launched with the presentation of a fact finding report in the morning, followed by ample time for Vancouver Aquarium staff to present their case. All other speakers were allotted three

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“Baby Beluga” dies at Vancouver Aquarium

Yesterday, Kavna, the 46-year-old beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium, died of cancer.  Most captive belugas die in their teens or early 20’s, so at first glance it would seem that 46 years is indeed an above-average lifespan.  At the Vancouver Aquarium, 14 belugas have been exhibited since 1967, and 7 died within 10 years of

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Yet another death at the Vancouver Aquarium

A tragedy, yes, but a completely predicable one.  On September 16th, beluga whale Tiqa died at the aquarium at the age of three.  (Vancouver Sun) This is the third such death in six years, and one that John Nightingale, president of VanAqua, claims they will investigate. No real investigation needs to be done, of course:

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Sea World thinks we’re a bunch of idiots

  It’s all over the news–Tilikum, a performing orca at Sea World who over the last two decades has killed three people, is back on stage.  That should make everybody nervous.  But wait–everything is okay!  According to Sea World, Tilikum “chose” to perform again. Sea World thinks we are a bunch of idiots.  At a

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Eyes Wide Open Film Screening – Nov 20

In January, we screened Earthlings and attracted 150 attendees. A lot of the people went away with their hearts and minds opened up about the extent of cruelty inflicted on animals. A high school teacher became vegetarian and started talking about animal rights to his students every chance he has. A long time quiet vegetarian

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Another Death at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you live in Vancouver, you’re probably aware that Nala, the baby beluga born last year at the Aquarium, has died.  Every time this sort of thing happens, it reopens the debate about keeping such intelligent, complicated animals in captivity–as it surely should.  Cetaceans don’t do well in captivity.  They never have.  According to Lifeforce,

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Killer Whale Kills Trainer

From the Huffington Post: A killer whale attacked and killed a trainer in front of a horrified audience at a SeaWorld show Wednesday, with witnesses saying the animal involved in two previous deaths dragged the trainer under and thrashed her around violently. Distraught audience members were hustled out of the stadium, and the park was