Animal Rights Day 2010

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Animal Rights Day 2010

Yesterday, the Vancouver Humane Society hosted our city’s 28th annual Animal Rights Day with a free event at the art gallery.  We were there, as well as the Vancouver Rabbit Rescue Association, Hearts on Noses, and SAINTS. It was fun to talk to other local animal advocacy groups and to catch up with old friends–and

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Chickens used as “props” in a media stunt

Showing a clear lack of respect for the well-being of animals, several University of Victoria students released (some accounts say “tossed”) 6 hens into MLA Ida Chong’s office in Victoria during a Dogwood Initiative rally on Tuesday. Dogwood Initiative is a BC-based environmental organization that has dealt with issues like urban sprawl and tankers on

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Goat for Gold, not a good idea

In the last few years–and especially recently–we’ve been hearing a lot about charities that will donate a live farm animal to impoverished people.   Some of these include Heifer International, Oxfam, and more recently, the local Goat for Gold: B.C. businessmen Joel and Danny Nagtegaal were drinking beer and decided last spring to buy one goat

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Local Organizations: Vancouver Humane Society

ChickenOUT! A VHS campaign The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is another Vancouver-based organizations working to help animals. Unlike other “humane societies”, VHS was modelled on the Humane Society of the United States, and most of their works is advocating for animals. They do fund some animal rescue and emergency care, but they help animals by

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Full stomachs, tired feet – EAT! Vancouver wrap-up

This weekend was the big EAT! Vancouver food and cooking show. It is a big show at BC Place with vendors giving out samples and selling their various products, restaurants selling food, and cooking demonstrations. I initially was really nervous about going. I was worried about arguments or conflict from the audience and from some