Fur industry in trouble

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Fur industry in trouble

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I just saw this article that appeared in the Vancouver Sun a couple of days ago. It’s unfortunately really only about the wild fur market, but it is good news for opponents of this cruel industry: http://www.vancouversun.com/industry+fears+bear+market+pelts/1127696/story.html Now if only the market for fur-farm fur were in the same trouble… For more information on the

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Foie gras proponents avoid the facts

When we are out protesting a restaurant that serves foie gras or out collecting petition signatures people occasionally come along who don’t agree with us. Sometimes they are even willing to stop and exchange a few words with us. What is odd, however, is that so often they are unwilling to deal with the actual

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Foie gras and the French

A couple of us went out on Monday and Tuesday to collect signatures for Liberation BC’s campaign to ban foie gras in Vancouver. It was cold but many people stopped to sign. One guy walked by and took a leaflet, then came back to hand me the leaflet. He said he was French, so there