More animal-friendly fighters

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More animal-friendly fighters

This is just a quick note on some animal-friendliness at Saturday night’s UFC event. First, Matt Wiman, who lost a close & controversial decision to Dennis Siver, had the Meet Your Meat and Food Inc websites on his shorts. Second, I learned from the broadcast that middleweight Aaron Simpson has now gone vegan. (He went

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A visit to Nice Shoes

Anybody who knows me also knows that I love shoes, and I don’t discriminate.  I like heels and wedges.  I like flats.  I like boots.  I like open- and closed-toes.  I have room in my little shoe-obsessed heart for all of them. Okay, that’s not totally true.   There is one kind of shoe that I

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I No Longer Steal from Nature

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I found a lovely poem written by Arab poet Al-Ma’arri, who lived from 973 to 1057.  (link)  I’m such a huge fan of historical stuff and I just had to share this “ancient vegan wisdom”: I No Longer Steal from Nature You are diseased in understanding and religion. Come to me, that you may hear

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Animal By-Products on Fruits & Vegetables

As vegans, we try our best to avoid all animal products in our diet so it might come as a shock to learn that the waxes on most fruits and vegetables found at your local grocery store contain animal by-products! Waxes are used in the agriculture industry to help preserve fruits and vegetables by delaying ripening, preventing

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Eating Vegan at UBC, part 1: Curry

In the last couple months or so, I’ve had multiple (non-vegan) colleagues at UBC ask what I can possibly find to eat on campus. I don’t think I gave a very good answer to any of them, mainly because I’ve never thought of UBC as a place where it’s hard to find vegan food. So

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UFC fighter Jon Fitch’s diet

Jon Fitch is the #2 welterweight MMA fighter in the world in pretty much everyone’s book. (Georges St-Pierre, the consensus #1, is the only fighter to defeat Fitch in the UFC.) He’s known for a grinding fighting style, overpowering and outworking his opponents. Here’s a video he recently released showing what he eats in a

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Boycott palm oil for the love of orangutans

Palm oil is a saturated vegetable fat found in many processed foods and household products. As vegans, we scrutinize labels to isolate animal ingredients but we give palm oil a pass – because it’s vegan. Or is it? The palm industry has taken over Borneo and Sumatra, clearing rainforests and important habitat for orangutans. Each

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Go vegan in 2011!

Have you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet?   Maybe it’s time to make a change that will improve not only your life, but the lives of many, many others–and the environment, too! Think of it this way: Raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the

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Vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig doesn’t worry about protein; hates salads

Mac Danzig has been on every list of famous vegan athletes since winning season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter. Makes sense: who better to combat the stereotype of vegans as the 98-pound weakling in Charles Atlas ads than, well, a combat athlete. Last weekend was a good one for Danzig, as he picked up a

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More delicious vegan food!

Two words for you:  Vegan.  Poutine. We used Daiya mozzarella cheese, a mushroom gravy, and plain ol’ french fries.  A-mazing!  Next time we’re going to use  thicker, crinkle-cut fries, though, since that’s what poutine is usually made with. (Also, roasted dijon-balsamic-maple brussel sprouts.  We used agave syrup instead of maple, though.)