CBS report on antibiotic use

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CBS report on antibiotic use

CBS News has run a 2-part story on the use of antibiotics in livestock. If you are interested at all in the health implications of animal farming, you will likely find these videos informative. I have written in the past about some of the health risks of antibiotic resistant diseases that develop as a result

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The duck has been named!

Sorry for taking so long with this, but we’ve finally closed the duck name poll. The winning name is “Marty Gras”! All of the results can be seen on our website. Thanks for voting. Here’s a video of Marty dancing up a storm at Justice Rocks over the weekend.

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Activist tools: video of a Let Live talk

I did a talk with Erica Meier (Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing) at the Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland this past June. Her portion of the talk is quite obviously better than mine (since she is cooler by far than I am) but you may get something out of my portion as

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Name that duck!

Our duck was out again today on Commercial Drive. Here’s a short video: He escaped from a foie gras farm, where he was force-fed twice a day. His not-so-lucky brothers were force-fed until their livers swelled up to about 10x their normal size. All this for a delicacy that benefits no one. We’re searching for