Senseless violence on a dairy farm

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Senseless violence on a dairy farm

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This Monday, someone stabbed 4 cows on a Comox Valley dairy farm. According to the Comox Valley Echo: A senseless stabbing attack on four dairy cows at a farm on Dove Creek Road has the Comox Valley RCMP appealing to the public for information. One of the four cows was so badly injured that she

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Mixed martial arts and the violence of everyday eating

There’s been a lot of discussion in the local Vancouver media about whether or not to allow mixed martial arts events in Vancouver. The latest news was that the city council had voted to provisionally allow these events for a 2-year trial. What’s interested me about this whole thing is the issue people have with

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Thou shalt not kill

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? My version of the Bible (I don’t actually own a Bible, although I may have a Chinese-language one around the house somewhere – I mean the version I read when I was younger) does not in any qualify this commandment. It simply says “thou shalt not kill” with no