International Respect for Chickens Day!

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International Respect for Chickens Day!

Liberation BC commemorated International Respect for Chickens Day on May 4th with a special vigil at the Hallmark Poultry Processors slaughterhouse. Sunday’s event complemented our weekly chicken vigils, which Liberation BC holds every Friday morning in time for hundreds of commuters to see our signs that tell the story about what happens behind the big

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Lots of fun at Vancouver Veg Fest

We had such a great time participating in this year’s Vancouver Veg Fest! According to Willow, “We handed out a tonne of leaflets and had many interesting discussions with people. The volunteers were absolutely FANTASTIC!” A big thank you to our volunteers as well as Saving Animals Canada for organizing this wonderful event. We can’t wait until next

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Leafleting on Meatless Monday

The Vancouver City Council declared June 10th, 2013 “Meatless Monday” as part of their Greenest City Initiative, giving us a great opportunity to do some outreach. Many people still aren’t aware that animal agriculture is one leading causes of climate change.  While the best way to help the environment–and the animals!–is to go vegan, even

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Volunteer Spotlight: Layne Powell

Our featured volunteer this month is Layne Powell.  Layne has been with Liberation BC since the very beginning.  I know I first met her in 2006 at a KFC protest on Davie Street, back before we were even an official non-profit!  She never fails to impress us all with her remarkable combination of strength, compassion

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June volunteer night

For June’s volunteer night, we gathered to make posters for our weekly chicken vigils!  (The vigils are held every Friday morning from 7 to 9 AM at Commercial Drive and Hastings Street.  Get more details.  We’d love to see you out there!) Soon things started happening… Thousands of chickens are slaughtered at Hallmark Poultry Processors

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Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Event

On Mother’s Day 2013, we headed out to Georgia and Granville again to spread the word about the cruelty of the dairy industry.  (Check out our 2012 Mother’s Day event.)  We had our cow ribbons on hand for people to purchase. You can still get your own cow ribbon here for a donation of $5!

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In Honour of Chickens

Of the billions of land animals killed for food each year, most of them are chickens.   Saturday May 4th was the International Day of Respect for Chickens and, as a lead up to this day, Liberation BC held morning vigils all week outside the chicken slaughterhouse, Hallmark Poultry Processing, at Commercial and Hastings. For

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First Day of International Respect for Chickens Week

We’ve been talking a lot about International Respect for Chickens Day lately (see our Amazing Facts about Chickens posts, part one and part two) so I thought I’d post this photo of a few of the fantastic activists who headed out early this morning to stick up for chickens near the slaughterhouse at Hastings Street and

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Cow Ribbon mania at April Volunteer Night!

At April’s volunteer night, we put together ribbons for our Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign. The campaign is meant to bring attention to the suffering of mother cows in the dairy industry.  Artificially inseminated year after year, dairy cows exist in a state of almost constant pregnancy so that we can drink their milk.  Despite this, they

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Volunteer Spotlight: Marv Wheale

This is our third edition of Volunteer Spotlight, and our featured volunteer is Marv Wheale.  Marv has been a valuable addition to our volunteer team since the summer of 2011.  He is a devoted and eager worker and his kind spirit and frequent words of encouragement are an inspiration to all of us. Location: South