Beautiful Prisoners

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Beautiful Prisoners

Many people enjoy seeing all the birds at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park here in Vancouver, the swans in particular. But I was troubled to learn that the swans are not there because they like the lake, but because they are kept there. They all have their wing tendons clipped so that they can’t fly

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What do pigeons have in common with yaks and snow leopards?

Despite the fact that thousands of pigeons share our city with us, very few of us know anything about them. For example, did you know that pigeons are actually doves? Their official name is actually “Rock Dove” or “Rock Pigeon”, and they are in the same family—Columbidae—as the dove. In English, the name “pigeon” is

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When we left our house this morning I saw this pair of Mallard ducks on the lawn right across the street. She is sleeping with her head tucked under her wing while he keeps watch. He stayed really calm but checked us out and watched us until we were gone. I haven’t ever seen ducks