Happy Compassionate Vegan Thanksgiving!

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Happy Compassionate Vegan Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and celebrating peace and non-violence. Vegans recognize the obvious, cruel contradiction that is eating a tortured animal in a celebratory feast.

picture of a Turkey at Happy Herd sanctuary

How we should celebrate turkeys. At Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary.

Thanksgiving is one of the most heartbreaking holidays if you are aware of the cognitive dissonance of the majority of society. “Turkey Day” as it is often called, is a gross display of our society’s callousness towards animals.

We can be thankful though, that there are compassionate alternatives. There are excellent vegan options available through Tofurky and Field Roast. Local made in B.C. options include The Very Good Butchers in Victoria, which makes a vegan stuffed ‘beast.’ Or, you can make a vegan thanksgiving lentil loaf at home.

If dining with non-vegan friends or family, some of these options may seem a little strange to them. They can be options to show them how delicious and healthy eating cruelty-free is though. It may not be the best time to remind them how much lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than the typical Thanksgiving dinner is but chances are they will feel better after eating a plant-based feast. If you have the time and means to do so, Thanksgiving is a great time to put extra effort into making mouth-watering vegan food.

If you are looking to splurge on meal out, The Acorn has an Everything But The Bird Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, October 8th and Monday, October 9th.

May you have a compassionate, festive and delicious Thanksgiving!

turkeys do not want to be eaten to celebrate peace cartoon

Turkey are friends not food. Dan Piraro comic.

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